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Customer Service

We are committed to providing a professional "Five Star" quality Web Design, Web Hosting and Web Maintenance service to our customers at the lowest possible cost. In fact, our Hosting Plans are packed with features that are hard to meet by other Web Hosting services at the cost that we are offering them.

Check the details and you will certainly agree with us that our service is great value for money !


Our Linux based Servers are powered by Enterprise Class hardware running on Xeon E3-1240 Quad core (four by 3.33GHz) CPU processors, 8-12GB DDR3 RAM and RAID-10 storage for redundancy ensuring continuous and reliable delivery serving thousands of pages and scripts per minute. We run CentOS v7 x86 an Enterprise Class operating system with up to date Kernel and security patches to preserve and protect our customers’ data. All of our plans include the cPanel control panel for easy web site management.

Our total connectivity to the Internet is over 1000 Mbps!  That is very fast!  Our network is fully switched using only top quality components from Cisco Systems. All servers are fed from a multi-homed backbone. The network provides great redundancy and helps your data avoid internet trouble spots. Our facility has full backup power including a backup generator in case of extended power outages. The center is monitored 24 hours a day by a comprehensive security system supplemented by video surveillance equipment.


We guarantee to respond to technical support queries within 24 hours, but we usually respond in well under 12 hours. You will find our technical support staff helpful and responsive. Our on-line customer support is provided via e-mail.

The Customer Service Centre

All our customers have access to our comprehensive Customer Service Centre. The Customer Service Centre is your springboard to Web5star services and facilities through our world's best multi-language Control Panel (cPanel). The control Panel is packed with features to help you build, manage and promote your site.

Domain Name Registration

To get your own domain name (ie: www.yourname.com) you need to register the name through an appropriate Registrar.  We offer a comprehensive Domain Name Registration and management service at the lowest possible prices.

WebMail System Support

We provide you with two WebMail systems to allow you access your POP accounts. These are easy-to-use browser-based interfaces. No configuration is required, which makes it a perfect tool for people who need to access their POP accounts while travelling.

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions

Our servers support Microsoft FrontPage 97/98/2000/2002/2003 Extensions. The extensions are free. You will be asked whether you want them installed on your site at the time you place your order.

Transfer of your existing site to our servers

Our domain name transfer service is quick and easy.  After you place your web hosting order we will setup your account promptly so that you can upload your site to our servers via FTP or using our Control Panel.  It usually takes a day or two for your domain name to be pointed at your new site on our servers.  If you are using FTP or our Control Panel to upload your site, you can upload your site to our servers before your domain name is transferred, so that when the domain name transfer does take effect then your visitors will be seamlessly directed to your new site.  If you are using FrontPage to upload your site then unfortunately you will need to wait until after your domain name transfer takes effect before you can publish your site.

Detailed Usage Statistics

We generate daily statistical information about your site's traffic. The site statistics include information about visitors, page views, number of hits, file accesses, referrers, browsers used by your visitors, platforms used by your visitors, visitors' hosts, visitors' top-level domains, and the most common entry and exit pages. These statistical reports are among the most detailed and useful around. You also have access to your raw log files in case you want to examine the data further.

Five Star Quality Service

Our support is backed up by Information Technology staff bound by a professional code of ethics to ensure the delivery of the highest quality of service.

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