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Web Site Design
Quality Customer Service

Five Star Web Hosting Services no longer provides its own web site design service. Instead, we have opted for the provision of design and development services through our network of Affiliates.

Whether you need a simple web site, brochure, online store, or complex interactive web site using shopping basket systems with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, password protected areas and powerful search facilities, Web5star through its Affiliates can produce a professional quality web site and, if necessary, integrate a marketing programme to promote your business on the Internet.

To provide the quality of design work that we insist upon, at prices that are competitive and reasonable to the client, we use a combination of our experienced Affiliate designers, with top-level quality control provided by our support team. We have found that this gives us a great combination of experience while keeping this service cost-effective. Our Support Team and Affiliates are in constant communication to ensure the smoothest process possible.

Process approach

We normally ask the client to supply any relevant text and copy of any images and logs for the site. Our work includes graphic design, HTML programming, stylesheet preparation, image work, and reading and replying to your correspondence.

Image scanning is not included. However you are welcome to provide digital images for use in your design as long as you are legally entitled to use those images on your site. You take full responsibility for ensuring that you hold appropriate licenses for any such images, and indemnify Web5star and its Affiliates from any action or claim relating to the use of the images provided by you.

Please note that 50% of the cost will be due on your acceptance of our Quotation; and 50% will be due on completion and acceptance of finished work. Payment is by cheque or credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

If you need any additional information before requesting for a Quotation please click on "Contact us" on the main menu, or you can proceed to request a quotation.

Requesting a Web site design Quotation

Thank you for your interest in Web5star web site design and development services.  Just click on "Site Building Quotation Form" below to let us know what your requirements are.

Site Building Quotation Form

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