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Domain Parking

Domain Name Registration

Top level Domain Names (.com, .net, & .org) are being registered world-wide at the rate of 30,000 each day.  It is important to secure your business identity in the World Wide Web (WWW) before someone else takes your domain name. Register your .com, .net .org .info .cn .cn.com .ca or .tv domain name now through our Registration Service starting at a cost of only AU$22.00 (one year registration) and hold it Parked in our servers for free until you are ready to setup your own web site.

We also register top level Australian domain names such .com.au, .net.au, .org.au, .asn.au and .id.au through our Registration Service. Reserve your Australian Domain Name now before someone else takes it, and Park it with us for free until you are ready to setup your own web site.

Additional Domain Names

You can point extra domain names at the home page of your existing site on our servers as long as the two domain names relate to identical site content.  For example, you may want to point your .net domain to your .com domain.

There is a one-time setup fee of AU$33.00 for each additional domain name pointed at your site in this manner.  With this "Domain Parking" facility we map the extra domain name to your site, so that people can visit your site by pointing their browser at the parked domain as well as the existing domain.  Mail can also be sent to the parked domain. For example, if you parked yourbusiness.net on the yourbusiness.com web site then the two addresses joe@yourbusiness.net and joe@yourbusiness.com would be equivalent.

Please note that you may not point additional unrelated domain names at your site yourself, and that the Domain Parking facility may not be used to effectively house more than one site within a single hosting account.  If you have more than one site then you would need to purchase a separate hosting account for each one.

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