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Corporate Supremacy Plan
AU$32.95* p/month (USA Server)  |  AU$51.95* p/month (AU Server)
No Account Setup Fees
General Specifications
Storage Space 1,000 MB (1GB) of storage space (more info)
Data Transfer 12,000 MB (12GB) of data transfer allowance per month
Database 20  MySQL5 database environments (more info)
PhPMyAdmin Access to PhpMyAdmin, a Windows based management tool for MySQL databases
FTP Accounts 50  File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts provided
Sub Domains 25  Sub domains allowed (eg: security.yourdomainname.com)
SSL SSL Secure Server support (more info)
CPanel World's best Multi-language Control Panel

Mail Services
POP Accounts 150  POP3 email accounts (more info)
Mailing List 100  Mailman Lists. Software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter lists.
Autoresponders UNLIMITED number of autoresponders (more info)
Forwarding UNLIMITED Email Forwarding (more info)
Aliases UNLIMITED Email Aliases (more info)
Default Address The Default Manager provides a Catch-All mail account for non-nominated email addresses.
Email Filtering Stop unwanted mail by filtering emails via To, From, Subject, Body and Any Header.
WebMail We provide a choice of 3 WebMail services: Horde, RoundCube & SquirrelMail (more info)
Email Trace An email address search to see the delivery path
MX Record Ability to change MX record (more info)
SpamAssassin SpamAssassin(tm) is an extensible and effective email filter which is used to identify spam.

FTP Options
Account Manager The FTP Account Manager allows you to administer your FTP access accounts.
Settings FTP settings can be set for each FTP account.
FTP Access We provide unlimited FTP access on a 24x7 basis

File and Directory Settings
File Manager A very comprehensive set of file management options via a windows front-end.
Protected Directories Unlimited Password Protected Directories (more info)
Disk Usage Check and monitor your disk usage via the Disk Usage View
Hotlink Protection Protect against Bandwidth theft or "hotlinking" (the direct linking to a website's files eg: images).
Backup Manager Use the Backup Manager to back up and restore your files

cgi-bin Your own private cgi-bin directory to install scripts.
FrontPage Microsoft FrontPage 97/98/2000/2002/2003 Extensions (more info)
Perl V5.8.8 We offer the latest version of Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language), a robust programming language frequently used for creating CGI programs on Web servers.
PHP V5.3.28 We offer the latest version of PHP, an open source, server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages.
Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails® is an open-source web framework for developing database-backed web applications.
RubyGems RubyGems is a package manager for the Ruby programming language that provides a standard format for distributing Ruby programs and libraries (in a self-contained format called a "gem").
SSI Server Side Includes, a type of HTML comment that directs the Web server to dynamically generate data for the Web page whenever it is requested (more info).
Crontab Access to crontab, a UNIX command that creates a table or list of commands, each of which is to be executed by the operating system at a specified time.

Plus Web5star's Additional Scripts !
Fantastico Ability to automatically install a number of Open Source Applications. Requires MySQL Database
Counter Text-based site hit counter.
Email Scripts FormMail and cgiemail - choice of FORM processing scripts
Simple Guestbook Allows visitors to your site to read your guestbook entries and post a message of their own. Uses MySQL to store the entries.
Addon Cgi Scripts Installation of addtional Scripts allowed; eg: osCommerce, Invision Board, PHP-Nuke.
Advanced Guestbook The Advanced Guestbook script offers more features than the Guestbook script by using PHP and a MySQL database. Full management of all aspects of your Guestbook.
PHPBB2 A fully featured and skinneable flat (non-threaded) webforum.
Entropy Banner Allows you to create a set of revolving banner images, normally used for advertising.
Entropy Search Enables a nice, quick search engine that can help your visitors find information that they are interested in more easily. The larger the site, the more important the search engine becomes.
Java Countdown This JavaScript allows you to display how many days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining until a specific date and time in a table.
Java Clock The Java Clock Maker allows you to create a real-time, dynamic clock, that counts the time just like a digital wrist watch. No programming or plugins required.
Random Html Generator The random html generator picks a html string out of a list and inserts it in a SSI(Server Side Include) enabled web page. This is useful for "Quote of the Moment", and other similar things.
Simple Cgi Wrapper The CGI Wrap script creates a scgi-bin folder at the public_html level of your web site. This allows you to run scripts with your own user ID. Some security implications.
Chat Rooms Individual pages ('rooms') in which you can 'chat' with random surfers or arrange rendezvous.

Access Logs and Statistics
Bandwidth Stats This tool generates an overall summary of the amount of bandwidth that your site is using.
Awstats Stats A powerful and fully-featured tool that generates advanced web server statistics, graphically.
SubDomain Stats You can view statistics specifically for each subdomain using the Analog and Webalizer tools.
Error Logs The error log contains all HTTP errors that occur when visitors attempt to view your site. A central use of this tool is to locate suspicious server activity, such as attempted virus attacks.
Raw Access Log Contain all the recorded hit information that your site has received.
Last Visitors Lists the last 300 visitors (requests from servers) that have visited your site in the last 24 hrs.

Marketing and eCommerce
Search Engine Submit Tool Submit your web site details to several search engines at one time.
Agora ShoppingCart Agora is a fully-featured shopping cart that can be installed with the click of a button.

Centos 5.5 i686 Our servers run under the Linux Centos Version 5.5 i686 operating system.
Error Page Customized Error 404 Missing Document Page (more info)
Password Change Change your access passwords to your domain account and email accounts.
Apache Handlers Apache handlers tell the server how to handle files. For settings other than defaults.
MiME Types MIME types tell your browser how to handle files. For settings other than defaults.
IP Deny Manager The IP Deny Manager enables you to block access to your web site from specific IP addresses. This is useful to remove nuisance surfers who use a large amount of bandwidth or to prevent hotlinking to your site (refer to HotLink Prevention for more information about hotlinking).
Network Tools Provides two functions: Domain Lookup and IP Trace Route.
Tech Support Prompt and effective technical support via email 7 days a week (more info)
Backup Weekly backups
Monitoring 365/24/7 Network monitoring
Uptime 99.9% uptime track record

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