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For Australian Customers
Web5star Affiliates Program

Five Star Web Hosting Services, trading as Web5star believes in the commercial advantages that exist between businesses when their services are complementary and therefore likely to benefit each of the parties. Web5star has developed an Affiliate Commercial Arrangement to fulfil this common objective.

As a Web5star Affiliate, you simply refer customers to Web5star and we will reward you generously for your efforts:

  • 20% commission for all Web Hosting customers that you refer to our service.
  • 10% commission on Domain Names registered with Web5star by your customers.

You don't just receive a one-off payment for a referral. We continue to pay you a 20% of the web hosting fees paid by your referred customer for the life of the service. A 10% recurring commission also applies to the renewal of domain name registrations.

After the customer has been referred to us, you do not need to do anything!

We provide all technical support to the referred customers, so it doesn't matter if you have limited technical experience. We will also directly bill the customers which you have referred to us so there is no need for you to lift a finger after they have signed up with us.

Why is the web hosting industry great for affiliates?

The web hosting industry is massive and provides you with a cumulative income source. You can get a slice of the action by simply letting businesses know that we exist, that we offer a great product and by referring them to us. Unlike most products, web hosting is a continuing service.

And best of all, Web5star offers high quality hosting solutions at reasonable prices, together with excellent customer service.

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